Airport News: CIS Seamless Transport Environment

17 June 2019

The 9th session of sectoral Councils of the CIS Coordination Transport Meeting was held in Rostov-on-Don, on May, 29 - 30. The event, chaired by Deputy Minister of Transport of Russia Yuri Tsvetkov, gathered delegates of the transport departments from the Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Moldova, representatives of the business community, international and public organizations.

Sergei Bybin, Deputy General Designer of the CRTS, LLC, took part in the meeting on transport informatization. In his speech, the representative drew the attention of the Council members to the commonality of the tasks the global industry community is currently facing. According to him, one of the key areas of global logistics development in the medium term is expected to be the widespread introduction of unmanned vehicles. The integration of drones into a unified transport environment along with managed air assets represents a serious challenge, primarily for infrastructure and procedures.

- The creation of technological conditions for the safe presence of both manned aircraft and unmanned aircraft in a single airspace is on the world's agenda. Our company has its own advanced solutions in this part that fully meet all international standards. The technological base is the flagship product of CRTS, the "Almanac" MLAT/WAM integrated system. Thanks to its unprecedentedly effective accuracy characteristics and functionality, the system allows to implement the DAA (Detect and avoid, to detect and prevent conflicts en-route) and the C2 line (Command & Control, control line for unmanned air movement), necessary for the UAVs integration into a single airspace, he concluded.

Earlier this year, Russia has already passed a series of successful tests of joint flights of manned and unmanned aircraft in the field of the "Almanac" system continuous observation at the experimental airfield in the Tver Region. As part of an agreement with Kronstadt Aero, Russia's leading UAVs designer and producer, test flights of various types of UAVs in the Leningrad Region are also carried out in the "Almanac" surveillance zone.

Source Airport News