CRTS has supplied ADS-B beacons for the airport of Minsk, Belarus

25 February 2020

At the end of 2019 the Republican Unitary Enterprise “National Minsk Airport” announced the tender for the supply of mobile radio beacons set for automatic dependent surveillance (ADS-B 1090ES). Among the applications received for the competition, the winner was the equipment of the Russian Research and Production Enterprise CRTS. This is not the first time that a joint project with Minsk airport has been implemented: CRTS has also supplied the airport with mobile radio beacons previously. The equipment has established itself as a reliable and high-precision data source for ground movement monitoring.

“The main selection criteria was the mobile beacons compliance with international requirements of EUROCAE and RTCA for accuracy, MTBF, as well as proven experience in successful operation. The ADS-B “Gnom” radio beacons produced by our company are compact and easy to place – they are attached to the roofs of ground transport plying in the airfield zone using a magnet. They can withstand extreme temperatures from -50 to +50 C. More than 250 Gnom units have been shipped and are successfully operating at 8 airports in Russia and 2 airports in Cuba. Previously, the airport of Minsk has also purchased radio beacons from us, so our partnership has been tested for years,” - said Yuri Kapoiko, the chief designer of CRTS.

According to him, the company is constantly improving technologies, increasing production capacity, so that it is able to increase the number of products produced every year.
“The demand for mobile beacons in the world is growing along with the increase in the intensity of ground operations at airports. Everyone strives to optimize the service time, rationalize ground traffic and improve the safety of take-off and landing operations,” Y. Kapoiko concluded. 

Research and Production Enterprise Digital Radio Systems (CRTS) is an expert in the field of multilateration technologies, automatic dependent surveillance and radar for air traffic control, and a member of the Digital transport and logistics Association. The company's equipment is implemented in the airports of all types in the CIS and foreign countries.

RUE “National Minsk Airport” is the main air gate of the Republic of Belarus. It occupies a predominant geographical location, as it is situated at the intersection of the most significant airlines connecting Western Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The airport is a member of the International Council of Airports.