Dual height measurement system to be deployed in five Russian Regions

4 February 2019

Russian height dual measurement system (HMU+AHMS) has successfully passed the acceptance tests. According to Regional Monitoring Agency “Eurasia”, the system fulfills automatic monitoring of the aircrafts flights compliance to the assigned altitude in the airspace of the Russian Federation.

“Totally 5 Russian regions are planned to be equipped with HMU/AHMS: Moscow region, Saint Petersburg, Samara, Khabarovsk and Rostov-on-Don”, - Eugeniy Shcherbakov claimed, Head of RMA “Eurasia”.

The new system is the part of the first Russian MLAT “Almanac”, which has been deploying at 9 airports all over the country since 2018, and is considered to become the base equipment for wide area multilateration surveillance zones.

Height measurement control is necessary to ensure flight safety in conditions of reduced vertical separation minima (RVSM). The use of RVSM leads to increase the airspace capacity and provide its rational utilization. Expected investment in the project will be around half a billion rubles (about $7,5 million). The project is being performed by the FSUE “State ATM Corporation”.

CRTS Research and development enterprise Digital Radio Systems (CRTS) is one of the leading experts in multilateration, automatic dependent surveillance, and radar technologies for ATC and develops cutting-edge innovative U-SPACE solutions for drones’ safe integration in common airspace. CRTS supplies equipment to all types of airports in the CIS and further afield.

The RMA “Eurasia” supports the implementation and continued safe use of RVSM within a designated airspace. An RMA establishes and administers performance monitoring programme in a designated region in accordance with the ICAO requirements: Annex 6 “Operation of Aircraft” Part II and  Annex 11. General approaches for establishing monitoring programme are provided in Doc 9574.

The FSUE “State ATM Corporation” is the ANS provider for Russias 25 million sq. km airspace which includes a total air route length of 530000 km. Its main objective is to make full use of available resources and potential to meet the demands of the users of Russias airspace.

Source ATC Network