Yakutia to Switch to Satellite Dependent Surveillance

10 May 2017
15 airports and ATM centers in the largest Russian region Yakutia (Republic of Sakha) will be equipped with modern air traffic surveillance stations. The cities shortlisted for the modernization include Lensk, Vilyuysk, Aldan, and Ojmjakon, notorious for its extremely low temperatures. The equipment is supplied by research & production enterprise Digital Radio Systems (CRTS) in accordance with the Federal Program ‘Support, Development and Deployment of GLONASS in 2012-2020’.
The project allows to organize the air traffic surveillance based on GLONASS/GPS and ADS-B 1090ES technologies. Apart from being the country’s largest region occupying the area that exceeds, for example, the territory of France by 6 times (tentatively in excess of 3 million square km), Yakutia lies across three time zones and several climatic zones. More than 10,000 trans-Arctic and cross-polar flights along with 1,500 regular services are handled in the sky of the Sakha Republic.
The equipment to be installed is a four-channel ADS-B ground-based station SOTA-X4 boosting a multiple-redundancy capability and enhancing the quality and safety of the air navigation services, provided by the State ATM Corporation. The stations fulfill passive surveillance over the air traffic in ADS-B 1090ES mode covering the air space to a range and altitude of 465km and 20,000m respectively.
The SOTA-X4 is suitable to work in extremely low temperatures, which prevail in the region most of the year. This solution also contains a unique software protected against cyber-attacks and unauthorized interference, to carry out a safe decoding the aircraft out coming data and generating reports for ATM centers.
Research and development enterprise Digital Radio Systems (CRTS) has expertise in multilateration, automatic dependent surveillance, and radar technologies for ATC. CRTS supplies equipment to all types of airports in the CIS and further afield.

ADS-B solutions

The ADS-B (1090 ES) is a modern surveillance technology currently phased in all over the world in civil aviation. The system enhances mutual air situation awareness of all airspace users, thus improves flight safety.

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